• Welcome to ICTeach.co.uk

    Welcome to ICTeach.co.uk Children Love ICT! We love ICT! Our unique combination of highly skilled Teachers, Trainers and Technicians can help you to breathe life into the ICT provision in your school.

  • Learning With iPads

    Learning With iPads Any space can become a learning space when you're equipped with an iPad..

  • Extending their learning

    Extending their learning Instantly on, iPads provide opportunities to look things up, check definitions, take photos and make voice recordings.. not an ICT lesson, an extension activity for all lessons.

  • Cross-curricular learning

    Cross-curricular learning Cross-curricular learning..using computers to turn work into animated books with voice overs.

  • We are game designers

Would you describe Computing in your school as cutting edge? Are your pupils challenged, motivated and excited by their lessons? Are you thinking about using iPads or other mobile technologies in lessons?

At ICTeach we specialise in offering schools expert advice on how to provide an exciting, state of the art Computing curriculum to their pupils. We offer bespoke curriculum design, staff CPD, coaching and mentoring, e-safety training, website design, iPad deployment, technical support and advice on hardware and software.